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Venturi Scrubbing System

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Don’t let your stack emissions hold back your cat (cracker)!

Norton Engineering is a leader in the engineering and application of environmental control systems for Fluid Catalytic Cracking and other refinery process units. Our highly experienced FCC process, environmental and equipment specialists assist our world class clients in deciding on the best technology to meet their individual FCC emissions control needs at the lowest cost.

Our engineers have many years of practical experience in FCC emissions control dating back to 1970. We have developed many generations of emissions control technologies, and evaluated many other emissions control technologies; designed, operated and optimized numerous systems to reduce SO2, NOx and Particulate Matter (PM, Mechanical Dust).

Wet Gas Scrubbers have been around for a long time to aide in the removal of Sulfur Oxides (SOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) from flue gases. If not properly engineered, the addition of this system can add significant costs to your operation. Starting from the right basis, understanding the specific refinery operations including available equipment and utilities will improve your chances of a successful project.

Norton offers our proprietary Venturi Scrubbing System (VSS) technology and engineering solutions to customers with an objective to reduce emissions. While competitors peddle marginal equipment, Norton Engineering provides professional services to customize a solution right for you and help your plant run smoothly.

We offer innovative engineering solutions from a highly experienced team of professionals that have pioneered improvements in wet gas scrubbing and NOx control. Our experts will design a solution that fits your flue gas composition, reliability goals, runtime expectations, operational constraints, emission levels, wastewater treatment requirements, and environmental sensitivities. Unlike our competitors, we provide superior engineering to warrant a smooth system integration while helping you deal with change that may impact future emission levels.