Work Methods, Procedures & Training

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Cold Eyes Reviews

  • FCCU technology package (ExxonMobil); FCCU revamp designs, yield estimates, operations test plans
  • Hydrotreating, Hydrocracking, EPR, Alkylation, FCCU emissions control, Coke Calciner, Visbreaking, Reactive Extrusion Processes, Atm & Vac Distillation Debottlenecks, etc.
  • Project cold eyes reviews from screening to start-up
  • New technologies for heavy oil recovery
  • Technical readiness assessments for new technologies (SATCON, NOx control, Alkylation, FCC SCT, etc.)


  • Reactive extrusion systems, pilot plant and commercial (Castrol, Dow Corning, ExxonMobil)
  • Wet Gas Scrubbing system (ExxonMobil)
  • Hydrotreaters, Hydrocrackers and FCC units
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems (ExxonMobil, Syncrude)
  • Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) manufacturing
  • Ethylene, aromatics and polymer plants
  • HAZOP leader on many refining and chemicals projects

Value Engineering

  • Wet Gas Scrubbing System (ExxonMobil)
  • Lubricant Additive Plant (Infineum France, SA)
  • Fired Heaters and Boilers
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction systems for NOx control
  • Proprietary Solution Polymerization Plants
  • Automatic Lube Oil Blending Facilities
  • Bulk Hazardous Materials Storage Facilities
  • Hydrocracker
  • Various chemical processes
  • Butyl plant expansion, new polymer processes evaluations

Energy Conservation

  • Fired heaters: performance assessment, debottlenecking, revamping, T/A assistance, troubleshooting, operations and reliability improvement
  • Boilers: performance assessment, debottlenecking, revamping, T/A assistance, troubleshooting, operations and reliability improvement
  • Heat exchanger network evaluations and optimization
  • Unit heat integration optimization
  • Refinery wide steam system optimization
  • Inter-unit heat integration optimization
  • High efficiency heat exchanger systems
  • Vacuum system energy optimization
  • Heat exchanger fouling assessment, cleaning and fouling mitigation
  • Steam turbine/electric motor alternative selection
  • Waste water treatment unit energy minimization
  • Cooling water system optimization
  • Refrigeration system optimization and refrigerant change evaluations

Design Guidelines

  • Developed standardized design methodologies for: fired heaters and boilers; FCCU Scrubbers facilities; FCCU scrubber water treating facilities; ESP facilities; and FCCU Cyclones
  • Authored Process Design Manuals for central engineering groups including: heat transfer equipment, vapor/liquid separation equipment and systems, fluid mechanics, environmental control facilities, plant utility systems, fluid solids facilities (FCCU & FCU), solids handling systems (coke and chemicals), devolitalizing and drying extrusion equipment, piping design, safety instrumented systems, etc.

Proprietary Technology Development

  • Reactive extrusion process for organo-silane polymers
  • FCCU scrubber and purge treatment technology
  • Hydro-visbreaking process
  • FCCU deNOx technology
  • Shale oil recovery processes
  • DOE sponsored Advanced Fired Heater Development
  • Scanfiner, dealkylation, pressure swing reforming and Flexcor T
  • Ethylene, aromatic and polymer plants
  • Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EP, EPDM) Commercialization (Sinopec)

Operating Guides

  • FCCU, Wet Gas Scrubbers
  • Hydrotreaters, Hydrocrackers, Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation, light ends systems, Amine and Sour Water Units, Alkylation units, Dimersol units, CCR units, Steam Reformers, PSA units for hydrogen recovery
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Third stage separators and FCCU flue gas expanders
  • Various chemical plants and units
  • Heat pump compression fractionation units
  • Heaters and boilers

Technology Assessment Procedures

  • Technology evaluation / assessment protocols for integration with project FEL / staged gate cycles
  • Systems / procedures for technical and process development and commercial readiness assessments

Product Development

  • Application and or process specific product development for cost reduction, process improvement, or energy savings by integration of engineering technologies. Wet Gas Scrubbers, Fluid Solids Equipment, Pneumatic Conveying Equipment, Heat Transfer Equipment
  • Environmental issues/control assessment from concept to commercialization for specialty chemicals

Start-up Support

  • Visbreaker (3)
  • Delayed Coker (1)
  • Polymer devolatilization & finishing facilities (2)
  • Fuel oil blending facilities (1)
  • FCCU (10) ExxonMobil affiliates and licensees
  • Hot oil systems (4)
  • Startup leader for 2 grass roots FCC units
  • Hydrotreater, hydrocracker and light ends units
  • FCCU Wet Gas Scrubbers (17) ExxonMobil affiliates and licensees
  • Electrostatic Precipitators (6) ExxonMobil affiliates and licensees
  • Cyclone Systems (2) ExxonMobil affiliates and licensees
  • Ethylene, aromatics and polymer plants
  • Toluene Diisocyanate plants
  • Olefin super-fractionation units
  • Tall Oil fatty acid distillation units


  • Operators/Operations
    • Processes
    • Equipment Specific Operations
  • Technologies
    • Refining Processes & Integration
    • Chemical Processes
    • Separations Technologies
    • Environmental Control Technologies
    • Combustion Systems
    • Advances Controls – 101